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PT Managed Pressure Operations

The Equity Tower Lt. 35 SCBD Lot 9, Sudirman Central Business District Senayan
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Contact : Budhy Rachmat


Established in 2010, PT Managed Pressure Operations is a whole subsidiary of AFGlobal Corporation, a global technology and manufacturing specialist providing products, services and fully-integrated manufacturing capabilities, particularly for oil and gas clients.

It has been operating in Indonesia and engaged in different Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling Projects specializing in Managed Pressure Drilling Technology.

After the acquisition of Managed Pressure Operations Group of Companies in 2016 by AFGlobal, the group of companies have a wide variety of product and service offering especially in oil and gas technology.

As part of the AFGlobal Group of Companies, PT MPO Business Segments are :

Advanced Drilling Systems
Comprehensive line of purpose-built drilling equipment focused on delivering next-generation solutions—particularly focused on MPD solutions. The company also manufactures drilling riser and buoys.

Products and Capabilities :
We provide scalable, purpose-built drilling equipment for riser gas management escalating to MPD. Coupled with aftermarket service and support for the life of your asset, our systems grow with your needs.

Riser Gas Management
Next-generation system designed to increase safety, efficiency, and flexibility for retrofit and new build deepwater rigs.

MPD Systems
Purpose-built to enable semisubmersible and drill ships to more safely and effectively to drill to total depth.

Well Monitoring & Early Kick Detection systems
For safe removal of entrained gas from the mud returns for routing to a safe discharge area. Technologies include our Mud Gas Separator and Total Control Driller to ensure uninterrupted MPD operations.

Engineering Expertise
Design, software and petroleum teams to create and retrofit technologies up to the driller’s chair.

Risers, Buoyancy, Inspection and Repair
Drilling riser engineering, design and fabrication, land and onboard inspection and refurbishment for best-in-class service across an asset’ lifecycle.

Training & Support
MPD systems equipment and operational training, responsive problem solving post-install, rig surveys and FEED studies.

Software & Controls
Modular systems capable of providing scalable software—from early kick detection to full driller’s chair integration.

Subsea Production Systems
Custom subsea solutions to support production and intervention requirements built around core technologies including; connection systems, buoyancy and insulation modules, valves and control systems

Pressure Pumping Technologies
Advanced pressure pumping equipment supported by a growing service offering. Ultimately expanding into frac valves and stacks, zipper manifolds, flow iron, trees, tree savers, separation and treating equipment and flow measurement.

Compression Systems
State-of-the-art gas compressors with a growing service offering to deliver optimal run-time reliability.

Lifecycle Services
Comprehensive solution for fleet management and maintenance of rig equipment; aftermarket parts sales supported by in-house manufacturing and service personnel.

Sealing Products & Technologies
Vast range of forged and machined products—from highly engineered connections to standard flanges—available in wide range of materials, supporting more than 100 different industries—most broadly, oil and gas.